Getting whey into the design spirit for this protein brand

The fitness and nutrition markets are crowded, so it was important for us to create a logo design for Seven Protein that would set it apart from the competition. The design we developed is sleek and elegant, while at the same time being strong and confident.

Protein powder logo design, but not as you know it

At White Rabbit, our design bunnies have a lot of experience thinking outside the hutch. That experience was important in this logo and packaging design project for Seven Protein. We wanted to capture the highly motivated and never give up qualities of the company’s persona, but we wanted to do it in a way that was different – and better – than everybody else in this space.

Seven Protein could see that other graphic design companies seem to go for looks that are highly commercialised, as well as being a combination of loud, bulky, and busy. At White Rabbit, we decided to follow our instincts, developing a design concept that shunned this approach in favour of a sleek, clean, and lean style.

Logo featuring tall text and seven symbol for a protein powder company
Logo design designed for a protein poweder company with an abstract seven symbol
Protein powder shaker bottle featuring a seven logo design

Creating a modern design using the number seven for this logo

We used a custom grid typography system to design the new logo and create the athletic, high-energy appearance of the final design. As for the design itself, it features two main elements.

The first element is the company name. We used a condensed typeface for this part of the logo, with plenty of space between the letters to create a lean and fit appearance. This created a very structured look, so we went more abstract in the design of the logomark.

Supplement powder packaging and logo design

We used the number seven as the basis for the logomark, but it also has the appearance of an arrow to symbolise movement, or the markings on a running track to reflect athleticism.

With the logo now complete, we applied it to the company’s packaging across the product range. We added a luxurious effect to the design of the packaging by leaving plenty of space around the new logo, further setting Seven Protein apart from its competition.

Container packaging for supplements with modern and sleek design

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