Creating alluring DVD cover design for movie distribution

We work closely with Rialto to design the artwork for their DVD and Blu-ray cover designs. Our team are committed to making sure the artwork matches the tone of the movie and appeals to the target audience.

Blu-ray cover design that captivates

Rialto is well known for their film and home entertainment distribution. They own the rights to a comprehensive catalogue of award winning films and audience favourites. White Rabbit have been working with them for over 5 years to bring the dvd cover designs for their films to life.

We are passionate about creating artwork for their blu-ray cover designs that draw people in and make them want to watch the movie. Taking inspiration from the movies themselves we create simple, but captivating artwork that flows beautifully across the DVD slick and disc design.


Blu-ray disc and cover design in NZ
DVD disc and cover design NZ

The final cut

With entertainment and informing being at the heart of pretty much every Blu-ray or DVD cover design we undertake, it’s always important to create an identity that is unique to the specific film. We carefully consider the genre, themes and cast of each film to tailor our approach to suit.

Once we have created our initial concept, we work closely with the movie studios and distributors to make any necessary revisions they require. When the final artwork has been approved, high resolution print ready files are created and digital versions for streaming platforms like Netflix are exported.

Blu-ray slick design
Blu-ray cover design
We've worked on countless blu-ray cover designs with Rialto and their partners, and they trust us to create a rich visual response for each film.
DVD slick design
DVD cover design

Driving sales with DVD cover design

The design of the DVD cover can have a huge impact on sales for the film. The movie is always competing against many others, whether that is on the retail shelf or online. At White Rabbit we aim to create eye-catching artwork that speaks to the film’s target audience and encourages them to make a purchase.

Our DVD and Blu-ray slick designs create a captivating visual reference for the movie that give a sneak peak into the World of that film. We continue to work with Rialto to create visually compelling, unique and bold blu-ray cover designs that translate the movie well into a still format that sells.

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