Business Card Types

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Matt laminated

Our most popular type, this is a simple but highly effective option, particularly when combined with our expert design services. We’ll matt laminate the card on both sides to give it a highly professional, high-quality finish that is soft and tactile.

Rounded corners

Don’t be square – rounded corners offer a fresh and modern appearance that is also friendlier and softer than a straight edge. We’ll trim the corners of your business cards, removing the sharpness to make them smoothly round. You choose to have all corners rounded or just two.

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Business cards are important for business, but we have a responsibility to the environment too. So, it makes sense to go for the eco-friendly option when getting new business cards. Plus, eco-friendly business cards demonstrate the environment is important to your business. We offer recyclable and compostable business cards and we can print your design using soy-based inks.

Spot UV

This is the luxurious choice that will put a spotlight on your business cards, showcasing your brand. We apply a gloss coating to selected parts of the business card, creating a stunning contrast with the card’s matte base. This illuminates the card, drawing attention to the glossy part of the design, and making it stand out brightly, radiantly, and professionally.

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Raised spot UV

Take your business cards to another level – a three-dimensional level. To give the card a 3D effect, we add dimension by embellishing some of the elements with a raised glossy finish. The 3D element is very tactile and is often used to highlight specific parts of your card, like your logo or name.

Embossed & debossed

Embossing or debossing can help accentuate elements on the card, giving them more impact while also adding a look that is unique, sophisticated, and professional. Embossing raises elements on the card, while debossing allows for indents. For both features, we use ultra-thick cards to enhance the effect.

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Plastic business cards make an impression when you hand them over to a new contact. They are made using PVC white plastic card and have a smooth matte finish with rounded corners. We can add any design to a plastic business card, and they can be printed in full colour. Plus, as they are plastic, they are considerably more durable than their paper counterparts as they are waterproof and tear resistant. They won’t develop creases or wrinkles either.


Metal business cards are more than a simple tool to give to new contacts. Instead, they are keepsakes, often reserved for VIP customers and contacts. Their highly professional and polished appearance gets attention and shows you are willing to invest in your image, separating you from the competition. Metal business cards are highly durable too, and they are available in a range of finishes including stainless steel, matte black, gold, white, and rose gold. We can also cut out patterns and shapes.

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Make your business card smarter with NFC technology. NFC business cards let you share your contact details by tapping the card on a smartphone. Your details will then be displayed on the screen where they can be saved. It is fast, easy, and demonstrates your forward-thinking approach to business and technology. Plus, you won’t need as many cards. The ones you will have will be printed on durable, high-quality PVC.

Custom shaped

Express your brand and show off your personality with a custom shaped business card. We have a range of different technical capabilities to ensure you get the design you want on the card as well as an interesting shape. We have pre-made die cut shapes available, or we can create a fully customised design for your card. So, break from the norm to go your own way with a uniquely shaped business card.

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Adding a texture effect will take your business cards up several notches. The sophisticated and distinct style of textured business cards enhances their design and appearance, adding weight and giving the cards a greater feeling of quality. The textures available include cross-thatching, grained, silky smooth, and more.


You’ll create a shining impression with new contacts when you give them a foil business card. Foil business cards make a statement and are remembered. We use sophisticated foiling techniques with a range of colours available including silver, gold, rose gold, green, purple and more. Our foiling technique raises the texture of the card, making it even more striking both visually and to the touch.

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Make your brand stick with a magnetic business card. Our team will create a professional design customised to your requirements. However, the real benefit is in the name. With a magnetic business card, your contacts and customers can keep your details close, whether stuck to a fridge, a toolbox, or a filing cabinet. It’s like putting up a little billboard in the homes and offices of your customers. Magnetic cards are durable, and they can have a gloss or matte finish.


Don’t BE square. Think outside inside the box. So many puns, one great idea for a business card that gets noticed, looks modern, and demonstrates innovation. The unique shape provides an excellent space to showcase your brand, with the double-sided matt lamination on 350gsm card adding weight and quality.

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Curious soft touch

Our curious soft touch business cards are as much about touch as they are about visual appearance. The feel in your fingertips is soft and sensitive, while the matt finish ensures the card also looks stunning. Curious soft touch business cards are resistant to rubbing and fingertips, and they come in a range of colours. Business cards are an extension of your brand identity – our curious soft touch cards could be the perfect fit.

Double layer

Double layer business cards stand out from all the rest without being affected or over the top. They exude sophistication and quality, and they are considerably more durable, all of which makes a lasting impression. The double layer of card feels and looks ultra-thick, while the added depth enhances any 3D design effects added to the card. You choose the two types of card, and we’ll combine them.

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Triple layer

Take your business card to another level with some triple-layer action. The three layers of card give a 3D effect even before our designers get to work pulling bunnies out of their hat to add further visual impact to the design. Plus, the added thickness also adds weight and a sense of quality. Three unique layers, three times the luxury, three core colours… one smooth and velvety finish.

Painted edge

Why neglect the edges of your business card when they can also become a design feature? Business card edges can also enhance your brand, particularly when contrasting brand colours are used on the edge, complementing the solid background. We create the effect by applying ink to the side edges of the cards. The end result is a bold and vibrant business card.

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Folded business cards offer unique design options to help you get something that matches your brand and resonates with your customers. You will also have more space to add the information or design features that you need. Plus, folded cards can stand up on their own, making them stand out.


Letterpress business cards are made using one of the oldest forms of printing to create a result that is unique in its sophistication and charm. The crispness of the impression created by the printing technique, combined with the thick, hand-picked card, is exquisite. The intricacies of the process to create letterpress business cards, which involves creating a custom plate for the design, are instantly recognisable.

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Let’s be clear – clear works. Clear business cards, that is. Whether you call them transparent or clear, the effect is the same – a business card that stands out from all the others that your contacts receive. We make our transparent business cards from durable and high-quality plastic, so they are waterproof, tear-proof, and have a luxurious feel. We also offer frosted business cards that are semi-transparent.

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